Miriam Wiener

Miriam Wiener

Internationally Recognized
Nutrition Consultant, Herbalist & Weight-Loss Coach

Miriam Wiener is passionate about showing women how to use nutrition and herbs to lose weight permanently. She specializes in helping post-pregnancy mothers reset their female metabolism for increased energy, mental alertness, and fewer cravings – without the use of drugs or surgery.

A mother of seven, author, nutrition consultant and herbalist with over twenty years of experience, Miriam is known for her warm, intuitive approach, combined with highly effective tools and techniques that work.

Her educational background includes a B.A. from UCLA in anthropology with specializations in medical anthropology and public health, a year-long work-study program at the Vega Macrobiotic Study Center with Herman and Cornelia Aihara (1991-92), and a professional apprenticeship with Master Herbalist Jane Bothwell (1992-94).

Miriam holds professional affiliations with the Society for Medical Anthropology, American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, Society for Economic Botany, Seventh Generation Fund, and the American Public Health Association.

Perhaps best known for her groundbreaking S.T.E.P.S. Program® for Permanent Weight-Loss, Miriam is the author of two soon-to-be-published books: Nourishment of the Soul: Uncovering the Hidden Secret to Permanent Weight-Loss and Kosher for Life: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking the Jewish Way.

She has been the proprietor of Miriam’s Garden Herbal Products since 1994.

Through her exciting workshops, training courses, books, articles, and coaching programs, Miriam personally guides women step-by-step toward a life of radiant health, the Jewish way.


Miriam teaching at The Ultimate Staycation, February 2013. The Women’s Spirit Center, Santa Monica, California.

Educated by the Masters

Born in New York City and raised in Connecticut, Miriam’s educational background is diverse, and includes numerous teachers and apprenticeships. At the age of 18, she was accepted into an apprenticeship program at the Vega Macrobiotic Center in Oroville, California.

She lived and worked as a Vega staff member for a year from 1991-92, studying under some of the finest macrobiotic teachers in the world, such as Herman and Cornelia Aihara, and David and Cindy Briscoe.

Miriam was assistant chef under Cornelia Aihara at the Vega French Meadows Lake Tahoe Macrobiotic Summer Camp, and had the privilege of studying hands-on the healing energetics of food and cooking.

Miriam Wiener

Miriam (middle-left) and other Vega staff members cooking with Cornelia Aihara (right) at French Meadows Summer Camp, 1992.

From Vega, Miriam went on to study first at a beginner-level, and eventually to participate in a Professional Apprenticeship under Master Herbalist Jane Bothwell. In the summer of 1994, Miriam’s graduation project was the launching of her own herbal company, Miriam’s Garden.

Miriam’s Garden Testimonials

“Miriam… you are a jewel!”
Mary Hirsch
Central Coast, Oregon

“Boy – I LOVE this company! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your help!”
Karen Marsh
Wallkill, New York

“… yours will be the first place I recommend when anyone asks me about herbs.”
Steve Slusser
Irvine, California

“Rest assured I will be back in the future. And I will be spreading the word about Miriam’s Garden through every venue I can.”
Brook Elliott, Holistic Health Practitioner
Olympia, Washington

“Miriam, I really appreciate your guidance. This is not found in many online herbal companies.”
Cris Longacre, R.N., L.Ac.
Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona

“I’m totally excited! Thanks so much… for the extra goodies and all the good vibes. I love the herbal blessings.”
Elana Kahn-Oren, Director, Jewish Community Relations Council
Milwaukee Jewish Federation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Self-Care, Not “Health Care”

In 1996, Miriam entered UCLA as an undergraduate. During her second year, she was awarded the position of research assistant under Mary Kay Duffié, Ph.D. at the UCLA Health Working Group, documenting health statistics within the Los Angeles American Indian community in a 22-page paper entitled, A Health Status and Access to Service Level Scoping Study for a Segment of Los Angeles American Indian Community. The paper was released in 1998.

In 2001, it was published by the Wíčazo Ša Review, a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal of Native American Studies by the University of Minnesota Press, with the title: A Pilot Study to Assess the Health Needs and Statuses among a Segment of the Adult American Indian Population of Los Angeles.

While an undergraduate, Miriam also worked with the UCLA Folk Medicine Archive in the Center for Digital Humanities, digitally recording the history of herbal medicines and folk healing practices of various indigenous populations.

Additionally, she worked as a consultant technical writer for the Los Angeles American Indian Health Project (LAAIHP) and United American Indian Involvement (UAII), under UAII Executive Director, David Rambeau.

Miriam came to see how especially now, in our current health care model where many are without health care insurance, that self-care with nutrition and herbs can be the smartest, lowest-cost method for staying healthy and reducing the need for doctors and hospital visits.

From UCLA to Jerusalem

While a student at UCLA, Miriam’s interest in healing and spirituality led to a deeper commitment to Judaism.

In 1997, she was privileged to spend the summer studying at Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem with Rebbetzin Bracha and Rabbi Moshe Zaret and Ashreinu, returning in 1999 after completing her undergraduate degree at UCLA to continue at Machon Alta Seminary in Tzfas, the “Center of Kabbalah” in northern Israel.

Shortly afterwards, she met her bashert (soul mate) who had followed a similar path from Los Angeles to Israel (and back to Los Angeles again), and together they now strive to share the beauty and depth of Torah with their children and those around them.

Miriam has been blessed to experience healthy pregnancies and to breastfeed problem-free. Her seven children have never had ear infections, strep throat, asthma, or allergies – and have never been prescribed antibiotics.

Miriam shares this information not to impress, but instead to impress UPON other mothers that these are not coincidences, but instead results of healthy lifestyle choices that began in the kitchen – and Miriam believes passionately that everyone can enjoy similar successes of their own, with better nutrition and preventative self-care.

Miriam Wiener

Miriam (center, pregnant with her 6th child) teaching “Herbs from the Torah” at Chabad of Brentwood, May 2010.