No, that’s not a typo… ; )

I just devoted an entire weekly module in my S.T.E.P.S. Inner Circle to the topic of Earthing, and I really wanted to share this with you.

Did you know that the simple act of touching the earth can be a healing experience?

The earth is literally buzzing with electrons that have the power to bathe your cells in EXACTLY what they need for thriving health.

Not only do electrons (or “vitamin-G” for Ground) have the power to activate antioxidants, they also reduce inflammation throughout your body – and they do this with more potency than any herb, superfood, supplement, or medication.

The earth is truly a “vitamin” that your body craves. Somewhat similar to the sun, whereby the earth provides anti-inflammatory electrons and the sun provides the immune-boosting hormone, vitamin D.

Jewish tradition teaches that NOTHING is by chance, and G-d created the cure before the disease. Along these lines, we now know that the “cure” for our modern epidemics of inflammatory chronic diseases and autoimmune dysfunction is right in our backyard!

The CURE is so simple. It’s so easy. And it’s absolutely *F*R*E*E. It’s Earthing.

All it takes to give your body the gift of an “electron bath” is a good solid 30 minutes of barefoot walking, sitting, or picnicking on the grass in the backyard, a sandy beach, or at your local park.

Yes, “vitamin-G” is absolutely *F*R*E*E and studies show that the more direct contact your body receives from the earth, the lower your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will be, the more balanced your endocrine system, and the less inflammation and pain you’ll suffer from.

Remember, inflammation causes nearly EVERY one of the common chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders plaguing our modern world.

You’ll sleep better, feel more energized, and give your immune system a powerful boost.

So , please take your “vitamin-G” today – you’ll thank me later. ; )

Love and Blessings,