Welcome Jewish Women from International Raw Food Day! 

Hi, it’s Miriam and I want to thank you for visiting! I’ve prepared a very special audio for our new visitors from International Raw Food Day, and it’s jam-packed with tools and techniques to help you lose weight, the Jewish way.

Yes, there IS a connection between spiritual alignment and weight-loss, and I can’t wait to share this information with you. I hope you’ll download this audio TODAY and find out how to get started!:


“Quick-Start to The S.T.E.P.S. Program™ for Permanent Weight-Loss!”

In this groundbreaking audio, you’ll discover:

  • Why there has never been “one” right diet for everyone.
  • What your most powerful first step will be – it’s easier than you think!
  • The 5 keys to resetting your metabolism in 40-days or less.
  • Why your previous “intentions” have not worked.
  • The 5 biggest mistakes most women make when starting a weight-loss program – and what YOU can do to avoid it.
  • How to discover your PRIMARY TALENT – from Kabbalah.

As a special gift, you’ll also receive a complimentary subscription to my ezine Wellsprings, where I share insider tips on permanent weight-loss, the Jewish way.

These tools are GOLDEN for Jewish women like you!

I’ve gotten extraordinary results using my S.T.E.P.S. signature system, which focuses on ADDING to your diet instead of taking away. Deprivation does not exist in my world! And I want to make this system work for you, too.

I know you’re going to enjoy your audio, and I’ll be in touch soon!

Love and Blessings,