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Success Stories

“I feel like the real me has come out of hiding…”

I’ve lost 25 lbs and some inches… I’m skipping around the room! Can’t believe! This has been a goal for me for a while. My next goal is 139lbs. Here I come!!!!!!

I feel like the real me has come out of hiding. I like myself better this way, not hiding and covered up with extra fat.

I have so much more confidence and energy!

In the beginning my energy was fair… now its good to great. The most useful part of the program is all the tools for moving forward including understanding what to eat when you are hungry, which is basically everything.

Perhaps a highlight for me is learning how to eat so the cravings are not there anymore – neither are the low sugar slumps… so I have steady energy throughout the day!!!! Who ever would have thunk????

Not only would I recommend this to my friends and family but I share it with them all the time!!!! Miriam is both super knowledgeable and passionate and very devoted. She is a naturally gifted teacher and it is so obvious that she values and appreciates the uniqueness of all her students.

She tunes in to who they are and then supports and cheers them on with her warmth, intuition and genuine appreciation for what they have to offer the world.

Miriam exudes the chayos (life energy) that she is always talking about that exists in the superfoods. She’s a fantastic example of how enlivened we all want to be. She defuses each hurdle with ingenuity and joy.

Miriam is very patient, she will review concepts again and again with the same passion as they were said the first time. She goes the extra mile and more, often… you can’t help wanting to respond in a like manner… her profound level of deep commitment to you just carries you forward.

Miriam has created a program that tackles life’s challenges from all angles.

The program is comprehensive, positive and totally focused. Miriam gets you in touch with your best self. Each skill is there to increase ones capabilities and effectiveness in living ones ‘bigger life’.

Miriam is true to her namesake, she totally focuses you on coming out of your personal mitzrayim (limitations) and embrace a better future despite the challenges.

One of the highlights of this program for me has been to EXPERIENCE how every detail makes a difference.

I have moved from eating whatever my body told me it wanted to what I now know is good for my body. I understand that all the details of food have their impact on our internal systems. It’s not just my gastrointestinal tract and head that have become clearer, but also my path on how to give more to the people around me.

I’ve learned about so many new powerful foods and ways to prepare them that enhances their nutrition. My body and soul are much more in harmony now……. and I never thought I could ever get my private stash of chocolate chips out the house.

That blows my mind!

I had the call on loud speaker yesterday… I know that’s not the best way to listen… but I was determined not to miss it… and my mom listened in with me… and loved it too. I am just so inspired and sooooo grateful and so aware that I am going into this wedding like a mentsch because of better nutrition, more knowledge, and less stress thanks to all the modules and huge emotional support!

Chavi Epstein
Columbia, South Carolina

“Today I weighed-in at 113.8!”

The light is shining… a little over a year ago, months before I was on this program, I was postpartum and weighed more than my pregnancy weight, around 167 – more than when I was pregnant. 

I knew I could not go on like this as I weigh 5’2″ and was heavy, uncomfortable, sluggish, low energy. 

In the months before I started the S.T.E.P.S. Program I took Miriam’s teleclass Sugar Free and FABULOUS! (which really inspired me in a huge way) and then Nourishment of the Soul: Uncovering the Hidden Secrets to Permanent Weight-Loss and that led me to miraculously be a part of the S.T.E.P.S. Inner Circle. 

I feel more comfortable in my weight today than I felt in high school!  

And not only that, I feel healthy in so many other areas in my life… soooo much better in such a real, solid way with confidence to maintain and continue.

Thank you from the depths of my heart…

Tamar Helfen
Northampton, Massachusetts

“This is a dream come true!”

Miriam! The biggest momentum is every day people say, “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

Music to my ears, and it’s much more fun to keep good habits… I now have the ability to be present in the moment with Gratitude for every moment of Life with NO NEED to numb ourselves in any given situation.

This is a dream come true, and Miriam I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Gift.

Yesterday I had a challenge and old reflex popped up to eat to numb and I just laughed at it and said, “You got to be kidding, I have treasures of ways of dealing with this, what does food have to do with you?! Boy, was it dismissed instantly!

Kabbalah of Color was a jump-up excitement! COLORS! So much life in me that was dormant just came alive! I just want to go to the store and buy colorful bed spreads, pictures of beautiful gardens and clothes! Is this a sign of Geula (Age of Enlightenment) that we can burst out of black into living color? I am learning through your Wisdom, Love and Support.

If I had a “baggage” scale it would be like zero!

Weighing this morning tells me that I am on my way and taking everyone with me. Today I had absolutely no cravings and felt so calm. I am so grateful for this “calm” energy throughout the day.

Leiba Gittel Bonnardel
Aventura, Florida

“Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious!”

Miriam’s caring, warmth and generosity of spirit permeates her work.

This teamed with a depth and breadth of knowledge about nutrition, general health and Torah makes her easy to work with and absorb the benefits of her teachings.

Dr. Jackie Schiff
Consultant Psychologist & Healing Imagery Teacher
New York and Connecticut, USA ~ London, UK

“…so deep and life-changing.”

I have learned SOOOO much from you. All these concepts are so deep and life-changing. I admire your wisdom and kindness. I hope that you can reach out to many hundreds more women because you have so much to offer.

I am hoping to make more progress and positive changes in my life.

Janna Wyckoff
Special Education Teacher, Mother of 6
Los Angeles, California

“I wouldn’t dream of missing a training call”

This program is awesomely enlightening, and has helped me immensely… Your modules blow me away, they go inside my Neshamah (Soul) and enable me to make a shift… you are talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never experienced weight-loss from the inside out.

This new approach has definitely had a ripple effect in every area of my life. I am amazed and thrilled by the wealth of knowledge that Miriam shares with us.

Thank you my new friend and mentor. I am so very much enjoying your words and wisdom.

This is a challenging time, but experiencing this program is enabling me to endure the challenges in a much healthier way.

Esther Ginsburg
Los Angeles, California

“I was in shock!”

Miriam you are an amazing support system; the forum you created! I am so grateful for my weight loss (25 1/2 pounds). I’m at the point that even my clothes from my skinnier days are starting to not fit properly. I am at a weight that I never imagined.

Miriam, a day doesn’t go by where I get comments like “Wow! Mindy you lost so much weight!” or “I don’t think I ever saw you this thin” etc…. I walk around thinking I am so blessed.

Hashem (G-d) knew I was looking for the right tools. I asked Hashem to help me find those tools & boy does He listen! I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks & I took out 2 beautiful dresses that I have in my closet & hardly had a chance to wear with the yo-yo weight, baby after baby stage. One was smaller than the other & I wore them both in my skinnier days & one I was swimming in & the other was also a bit big. I was in shock!

So, off to the seamstress…

Thank you for my weight loss! Thank you for the knowledge of healthy foods. We were on our way to school; I was going through with my kids all the new healthy foods I learned; what they are, etc.. I had a good laugh when they started to tell me mommy, that seaweed you cook with… the list when on. I had a good laugh!

Miriam you’re teaching is carrying on to the next generation! YAY!

Thank you again Miriam. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to join the S.T.E.P.S. Community! BIG HUGS!

Mindy Wolff
Chabad Shlucha
Cutler Bay, Florida

“I lost 71 pounds – and counting!”

WOW — what an amazing journey.

Grateful for a colleague and good friend from the place I worked until last year, who took one look and said “half of you is gone!”

As far as the testing — WOW! I think that has made ALL the difference for me. From the moment I got the results of the sensitivity test, I just absolutely cut out all the things on my list, even though they were all in the lightest-sensitivity category.

Between that and no sugar — actually, truly, THINKING about and checking packages for all the ingredients — suddenly the numbers started to move. It wasn’t something I even worked at.

My work was directed not at “losing weight” but at finding and figuring out what to eat…

It’s the combination of Miriam’s broad and deep knowledge and gift of sharing it so thoroughly and gracefully, along with the warm and supportive S.T.E.P.S. Sisters sharing the experience.

I’m really realizing that all kinds of twinges and pains that I used to just accept are really, truly just not there any more.  

If I had to distill it into a very few words, they would be KNOWLEDGE and HOPE.

Maintaining the POSITIVE energy of the forum has been soooooooo motivating. I shudder to think about the folks who read this stuff (in magazines, etc.), decide to make a change or two, and without any guidance or mentoring are just venturing into the unknown.

Baruch Hashem (thank G-d) that we have Miriam to keep watch over us as we try to keep ourselves afloat in the muddy river of disinformation. 

I would DEFINITELY recommend this program!

Elcya Weiss
Wife of U.S. Army Chaplain Rabbi (LTC) Avi Weiss
U.S. Military Base, Heidelberg, Germany

“I weigh less today that I’ve weighed in over 15 years!”

One more pound and 1/2 and I’ll be changing a digit again…

It has meant so much to me lately that friends, family and even complete strangers have told me how wonderful I look, how healthy my skin is and how bright my eyes shine

This has been an immeasurable boost to my resolve to reach my goal that I set out with Miriam over 6-months ago.

I really believe that there is so much goodness posted in the S.T.E.P.S. Inner Circle Private Forum, that if I read and re-read this information over and over again for the next 10 years, I would still gain so much each and every time!

Cena Abergel
Los Angeles, California

“…the first program in 18 years to work for me.”

I am so grateful to have reached this far. Before I moved to LA I weighed 326 lbs. Yes you read it correctly. I rarely left the house and could barely take care of my then three babies. Needless to say I did not feel like a lamplighter or have the strength to be one.

I played around with different diets and seemed to gain more with each one until the Dr. told me my tissues were so full of estrogen that my life was in danger. That scared me and I managed to lose 80 lbs became pregnant and B’h had 3 more children. I did not gain back that weight but I never lost more.

Over the next 10 years had B”H (thank G-d) another 5 beautiful children and was filled with so much gratitude mixed with bittersweet feelings of not having energy to really enjoy them, jump with them, run with them. I was just too heavy too tired.

I was in a prison of fat of my own making and that reflected not only my looks but how I walked, even how I thought.

It even effected my Ruchniyus (spiritual connection) because I felt fat people were second class and I always hesitated to give a shiur (Jewish spiritual lecture) because, well, I wasn’t worth it. I was fat, overweight, obese. It dominated all my thoughts.

Monday I received a compliment from a friend that moved me deeply.

I have received lots of comments about how much weight I lost, but that is external. This friend wrote, “You look wonderful…but while you were working on your external look, you have no idea how much you have worked on the inside as well. You are a better listener, softer, have more empathy and are so much more helpful now.”

I B”H (thank G-d) have let go of that prison of fat and look forward to each pound.

I lose eagerly and relish the compliments I get. I feel like a baby taking the first steps and discovering a whole new world. It is step by step and sometimes slow steps but I am delighted by this new world and find excitement in simple accomplishments.

As I put my seat belt on yesterday, I remembered how my stomach would always be in the way and it was hard to turn the steering wheel. When I drove with someone else at the wheel, I noticed the large space between their stomach and the wheel and I was envious. Let them have that space, but Hashem (G-d) why can’t I have that as well? Yesterday, 40 yrs later, there was a large space between my stomach and the wheel and I laughed out loud in pure delight.

The space should continue to get larger and larger as I continue to be Mevaser Tov (give over good news).

I could not have progressed without Miriam. 

And this forum is Mamosh incredible. Where else can we write our hearts out, find nonjudgmental understanding and amazing tips, knowledge and a devoted mentor to guide us.

The third “a-ha” was the actual info on the modules and the training calls and the coaching calls.

No more guess work but researched information, testing for sensitivities and loads of tips, recipes, clear guidance on what to eat, where to get it and mostly, what it does for my body.

I highly recommend this program. I have probably tried every diet, from Weight Watchers, the Blood-Type Diet, NAET, Atkins, Suzanne Summers, 40 day drink fasts, the lemonade diet, reflexology, acupuncture.

I spent thousands of $… and never lost much.

This is the first program in 18 yrs to work for me.

I am so excited and thank Hashem (G-d) every second for these successes which were so hard or I thought impossible for me.

Thank you Miriam. I was able to touch my toes w/o bending my knees this morning and stomach was less in the way. I’m seeing so many improvements. When I trampoline I am doing it stronger and harder and went from my heartbeat which at resting is 47-49. after exercising 15-20 min. its 120 – for me that is major. At a stress test it didn’t go above 130 and that was really pushing it up an incline on the treadmill.

I just want to say thank you again and again, not only for the coaching, the forum, your time, your caring, your whole persona, but for changing our lives, giving us an opportunity to get in touch with our real selves, which we may never have done, and for giving us so many beautiful sisters to bond with. B”H we are so lucky to have you.

With a overflowing and full heart and much love,

Shterna R.
Los Angeles, California

“Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

I am very grateful to you for this incredible journey.

I love any piece of knowledge I get from you… I am amazed by your knowledge and information. 

I’ve learned so much.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Your knowledge, your kindness, your selfless dedication to what you do, is inspiring, admirable and an incredible lesson to us all!

I love the program, I love the ladies…. of course I love you!

Big Hug,

Mariana Furmanski
Aventura, Florida

“…lost 13.5 pounds and 17 inches!”

I feel a big Ashreinu (very fortunate) to have stepped into this program.

I feel much Hakaras Hatiov (gratitude) already. Nisei nisim (great miracles) are in these modules.

When we post in the S.T.E.P.S. Inner Circle Private Forum, it’s as if we are looking into a mirror, reflecting on and back about things going on… checking in, right? The rest of us are (as if) looking over your shoulder saying: “Do you see how lovely you are?”

Weight at start was in the 160’s. Probably crossed over the 165 mark at some point back there but had stopped looking at the scale.

Energy level is definitely better now.

A lot of personal growth stuff clicked at one time. I think the whole program is powerful. There is a lot of synergy.

The growth modules, the calls, and lectures are phenomenal.

Some of the first topics were to big for me to take on, but they were there to go back to and pick up on which was great. 

I was never sure I could lose “the weight”, let alone maintain it. But I knew I needed to hear what you had to say. 

I would definitely recommend this program!

Rivkah V.
Lakewood, New Jersey

“I’m totally excited!”ElanaKahnOren

I’m totally excited! Thanks so much…for the extra goodies and all the good vibes. I love the herbal blessings.

Elana Kahn-Oren
Director, Jewish Community Relations Council
Milwaukee Jewish Federation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“My energy has drastically increased…”

My weight when I started was about 138 lbs. and now I am ranging from around 124 – 128 lbs. I had very little energy and found it hard to be my most productive self. 

However, now I look and feel absolutely wonderful!

My energy has drastically increased, my skin has a glow to it that it never had before. 

I am slim and going shopping for clothing and choosing what to wear on Shabbos is so much easier and more enjoyable. I get comments from people all the time how well I look.

Any health issues I had have either disappeared or improved drastically, and I know in time by following the principles of how to eat that you’ve taught me, any issue with Hashem’s help should go away for good!

I don’t think I can say what was the most useful aspect of the program was because it all was so amazingly helpful and every aspect came together to help me in ways I could never have imagined!

I have always been interested in health, but sometimes it is overwhelming where to turn and you have helped me sort through all that info and really understand what is important, and what pertains to me as an individual.

I have more of a comprehension of not just WHAT to eat, but WHY.

You have helped me gain a deeper understanding in myself and in my strengths that I can build on and my weaknesses that I can work on. You have also helped me to gain the tools to manage a healthy lifestyle long-term with all these healthful cooking techniques.

Often eating healthy is so expensive, but you have helped give people who work with you the tools to not feel a slave to the expensive consumer market! I also have appreciated the personal warmth, support and encouragement you have given during my time with you and how you always find a delicious enjoyable solution for any part of the diet that wasn’t working for me!

I also have greatly appreciated how you have infused the spiritual influence of yiddishkeit and chassidus in your program, and as a frum woman how easy you have made it to navigate through all the kashrus shila’s and difficulties in terms of which products to buy, what items don’t need a hechsher (kosher symbol), and what is permissible on Pesach (Passover)… Pesach was so much easier because of your Passover Survival Guide and the recipes are incredible!

Lastly you are so accessible for any questions or concerns I have had so I never felt alone in this incredible journey to health. You have helped me to realize to be a healthy individual is multifaceted and involves working on the physical, emotional, and spiritual, and you have given me the tools to do so and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Miriam!

I would 100% (and already do) recommend you to family and friends who ask about what I have been doing to look so well right now!

Daniella S.
Beverly Hills, California

“I’ve lost over 25-pounds!”

I’ve never received so many compliments! 

I’m so grateful to feel the guidance and mentorship of one who meets me where I am at, and kindly encourages growth, to help raise and bring me to where I can be, and then beyond!

Cravings are no longer an issue for me!

Miriam, you have not only my gratitude, but also deep respect for the way you weave this program in a way of seeing weight-loss as an essential and evolutionary part of my body/soul journey.

Esther V.
Seattle, Washington

“Everybody is talking about it!”ShiraTeleshevsky

Miriam, we enjoyed your lesson so much, thank you so much! Everybody is talking about it! 

It was so good and we learned so much packed into that one hour, I don’t know how you did it. It was so enjoyable! Thank you!

Shira Teleshevsky
The Ultimate Staycation
Santa Monica, California

“I am at my lowest weight!”

I don’t know even how to thank you…

I got my wish – I actually went to my closet, pulled something out, and it fit! I am at my lowest weight!

My dream has been to be able to wear the nice things I have hanging and not to wait for a “thin” day – it feels so wonderful to zip it up!

Your program has made me grow as a person in so many beautiful ways. I can’t help but gush when I talk about you and the S.T.E.P.S. Inner Circle Program.

People get infected when I start to talk about all that it encompasses. I know I am slow at integrating all the information, but I know it’s sinking in and I am beyond thankful!

I can’t wait to continue learning, and absorbing all the wonderful messages and information.

Chaya Sara K.
Los Angeles, CA

“…a pot of gold!”

You have a brilliant program. It’s a privilege to be a member.

The modules are so well designed and thought through. Real coaching.

I am B”H (thank G-d) thriving!

I weigh the lowest I have in years and I am finding it easier to have self control! 

My weight is going down and I find I need less food.

Your program is complete, with natural way of life plan combined with Torah and Chassidus (Kabbalah).

How brilliant you are and how fortunate us S.T.E.P.S. Sisters are! Thank you!

Now you found a pot of gold and you share it. Thanks, Miriam!

Esther Mindel Lubin
Los Angeles, California