Full-fame of woman jumping in airWHEW! I just finished giving a training call, Sugar-free and FABULOUS! and it was absolutely overflowing with content and inspiration.

The call was jam-packed with information – and PASSION!

On the call I announced details of my fabulous everything-you-need-to-know 100% customized weight-loss program for women who are SERIOUS, and who want to work with me privately through the summer.

It’s my “40-Day Jump-Start Program” and you can learn more about it and fill out an application here.

If you know that this is your time, don’t wait!

Jump-Start is my PREMIER coaching package for women who want to learn EXACTLY what it’s going to take to get the weight off and keep it off permanently – and get all of the personal, one-on-one attention that it takes to make it happen quickly.

It’s about REAL testing, REAL one-on-one mentorship, and REAL nourishment.

Jump-Start is NOT the latest diet fad!

The program begins with a detailed application and a short call with me to be sure the program is a good fit for your needs. Once you’re registered, we immediately send your 2 test kits to you in the mail.

When your test results arrive, we immediately schedule your private VIP Retreat.

And this is where the fun REALLY begins…

In your VIP Retreat, you spend an entire half-day with me over the phone (or at my home), receiving all of the templates, checklists, handouts, and step-by-step tools and strategies you need to get a Jump-Start with CONFIDENCE!

Jump-Start is all about YOUR uniqueness – YOUR genetics – YOUR food sensitivities – YOUR lifestyle.

There is nothing “GENERIC” about the work I do with you in Jump-Start. It’s all about YOU!

But there’s A LOT more…

Following your VIP Retreat, you receive an additional 40-days of private mentorship with me, via your private online classroom. You check-in with me daily, and get all of your questions answered by me personally.

This kind of unlimited, one-on-one private access is absolutely priceless!

Here’s exactly what’s included in your Jump-Start Coaching Package:

  • Private Half-Day VIP Retreat with Miriam (live or virtual).
  • DNA Nutrition-Type Saliva Analysis and Genetic Assessment (at-home test kit).
  • IgG Food Sensitivities Blood Spot Analysis of 30 Foods (at-home test kit).
  • Your Own Customized Jump-Start Eat to SUCCEED!TM Meal Plan.
  • 40-days of Private Online Coaching with Miriam.

So if you’re REALLY ready to lose weight now – with me by your side – please don’t wait. I’ve opened up only 5 Jump-Start spots for the summer – and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

To learn more about Jump-Start and fill out an application, click here.

I want to help you THRIVE this summer!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. Having a customized, step-by-step weight-loss strategy from an experienced mentor is a recipe for success. I am so looking forward to working with you over the summer – I can’t wait to get started!